I Thought I Saw a Priddy Glove... and Ball

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I Thought I Saw a Priddy Glove... and Ball

Postby Bill247 » August 18th, 2011, 5:14 pm

A while ago, I was given a ball signed by Jerry Priddy. Despite being familar with the Yankees of that era, his name didn't ring a bell. Jerry,therefore, got ball-cubed and banished to the shelf behind my son's first LL hit, his GWRBI balls, first win, etc. Recently I startrd reading Pride of October by Bill Madden and Jerry popped up in the first chapter interview with Phil Rizzuto, with high praise from the Scooter. So Jerry moved closer to the front of the shelf and when I saw this glove I went for it as a nice addition to the set. It's only a Hutch, 33X, but it looks nice, the laces look original there's lots of clear markings and some silver. Plus can one ever have too much memorbilia from a convicted extortionist? I couldn't find the glove in the Golve Collector library and it's listed as rare in the Phillips Price Guide. Any ideas on age? The ball is also signed by Dick Kokos and Bob Dillinger, both on the Browns at the same time as Priddy[img][/i[IMG]http://i1198.photobucket.com/albums/aa441/Bill247PR/DSC_3084.jpg[/img]mg]Image
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