Charlie Root Glove

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Charlie Root Glove

Postby Bill247 » August 4th, 2011, 2:46 pm

I bought this because it was advertised as a Charlie Root glove and I could show it to my Cubbie friends, what with the Babe's called shot in 1932. It needed to be Murphied and conditioned but finally the MW / Wards logo came out nicely. With high powered rose colored batting glasses, I'm sure I can see the Root signature. I may be the only one! Model 4204 is stamped on the strap and the triangles inside triangles button. I've seen other 4200 models but never the 4204. I can't find a Wards catalog on the Collectors website so should I just go with 1932 as an age? I'm pretty sure it's a kids model; but it is a Charlie Root glove and there is that home run. I'll try to connect pictures from Photobucket, which didn't work the last time.
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