Found Dream Macgregor Kangaroo Kc1 LHT

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Found Dream Macgregor Kangaroo Kc1 LHT

Postby mhwolf » March 12th, 2011, 7:26 pm

Hi Forum! A great story. My dad and I in 1968 went down to Paragon Sporting Goods in Union Square, NY to pick up my KC1. I knew it was used for pros, and it was not widely advertised or shelved in retail stores. You basically had to call a supplier and have them call Macgregor to get you one. So, I remember paying $65.00 for the glove, and used it until I was about 16. I left the game, and moved to Seattle in 1983. During the move it was either lost or stolen out of the trunk of my car. Since then, I wondered if I would ever see a glove like this again especially one made for a left-handed thrower. Well, my dreams came true. As some of you may of witnessed on Ebay, recently there was a 1968 KC1 up for auction. Brand new in the box, for left hand throwers! I mean a 43 year old glove with no wear at all. It's as if it was put in a air tight container. Reading this forum, I found that a similar Kc3 used glove went for $900.00 on Ebay in 2005. So, I had to convince my wife that $1,000.00 would "bring my childhood back." I was able to get it for $341.00! Aside from the big relief that my wife did not have to see $1,000.00 leave the checking account, I have a problem. Do I use the glove, or do I put it in a plexy trophy case and buy a cheapy? This has motivated me to try out for our area "Puget Sound Senior Baseball league." I look forward to your advice as fellow colleagues of the great game of baseball. "We are not athletes, we are baseball players."
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Re: Found Dream Macgregor Kangaroo Kc1 LHT

Postby vintagebrett » March 12th, 2011, 7:36 pm

Great story, thanks for sharing. If it was me, I'd keep the glove in the box and try to find another one to use. But gloves are meant to be played with so whatever makes you happiest is the right decision.
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