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Flea Finds

Postby smr1 » August 19th, 2010, 8:24 pm

The other day while walking through a flea market - I purchased some neat items.

First - is what I believe to be a 1960's Yankees hat. There are no manufacturer's markings and there is elastic sewn on the back of the hat.

Second - an Official League hand sewn ball. If you look close enough underneath the stamping you can see Japan.

Third - a cool Everlast glove. I actually didn't know that Everlast "had their mitts" into baseball gloves. I thought that they were strictly boxing. This glove is outstanding. The markings are nice and legible. No ink. The inside is fantastic and the piping is all intact. Great all the way around.

Last - is the Goldsmith Official League Ball Box. I was disappointed however, because there was no ball. This is one of my favorite pieces in my collection now. A small portion of the top lid is missing, but the bottom is intact - complete with the seal. I think this box is from the 30's from looking through the Vintage Baseballs Guide.

If I'm wrong with any of my assumptions - I would welcome the feedback.

Flea Finds1 003.jpg
Flea Finds1 001.jpg
Flea Finds 005.jpg
Flea Finds 004.jpg
Flea Finds 002.jpg
Flea Finds 001.jpg
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