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Postby Rickybulldog » May 23rd, 2010, 1:22 am

I'm in need of some glove pictures! Let's see some!

My vacation is over and it's back to work! My time off was filled with a car accident, a kitchen disaster, and a teething baby! At least I picked up some gloves to pull me away for a few minutes of the day to not worry about things! :D

Here are the gloves/ I have more, but they came after I took pictures:

sewn web gloves: Nice olive color D&M full web, brown Victor Wright & Ditson one inch web, black spalding (red tag) one inch web, brown d&m one inch web, and a black Eaton one inch web.

Catcher's mitts: Patched palm crescent catcher's mitt, Brown fatty catcher's mitt, Victor Wright & Ditson catcher's mitt, Reach catcher's mitt.

One sacker mitts: Black buckle back mitt (tall and narrow), Bacharach Rasin Johnny mize buckle back, and a Rawlings GEO Sisler model.

20's/30's: Blond grommet web National glove, Blond Chuck Klien vertical tunnel loop fielder's glove, Lowe & Campbell Rogers Hornsby glove, and Ken Wel Dazzy Vance fielder's glove (note the king patent lacing!)

Enjoy! I'm always trading and buying , so drop me a line!
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