The Hunt for Old Leather!

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The Hunt for Old Leather!

Postby BretMan » May 17th, 2006, 10:51 pm

I visit as many antique shows and shops, flea markets, garage sales, auctions, etc. as I can find the time for in search of vintage gloves. The really old stuff is hard to find! I've found a few old ones, a few more newer ones, a few I've passed on and a few that were out of my price range.

Anything that is in decent shape or easily cleaned and relaced I'll pick-up for $5-$10. That might be all that they are worth, but they are still fun to work on and collect. I've found a handful of usable gloves like this, even some nice 50's thru 70's era gloves such as a Wilson Dave Cash with the "shooting star" logo, a nice Wilson Bobby Bonds and a Wilson Ryne Duren model. I've lost track of the number of purchases I've made of these common-type gloves.

Basically, if it's all in one piece, cheap and it catches my eye, I'll buy it!

My favorite finds from the past year:

- Wilson A2010 Johnny Antonelli model. About VG condition. Paid $8.

- Wilson A2005, no endorsement, horizontal hinge web, from 1970's. EX. $10.

- Wilson A2000 XXC, 13" model, import. Shell and lining EX with some roughness on the piping. I relaced this glove and am using it today! Only paid five bucks!

- Rawlings HOH Johnny Bench catcher's mitt. PRO-LT model in EX. Paid $15.

- Rawlings XPG3 Warren Spahn, HOH, later mid-60's model with Flex-O-Matic heel. Patch a little rough, but all there. I love this glove! Paid $5!

- D&M split finger "Softball" model DP124 (can't find this one in the catalog). Horsehide, external padding, blonde leather, absolutely stunning all-there stampings with a large "Lucky Dog" logo in the palm and perfect "LD" brass button with all the red paint in it.. The bad: missing the two horizontal tunnel webs. But it was only $12, so...

- I "splurged" on this one...Goldsmith (not MacGregor/Goldsmith) Elmer Riddle DW, very clean, $30.

- MacGregor/Goldsmith G111 Bobby Doerr, top line early 50's glove, very clean. $10.

Not a bad bunch of gloves for just a notch less than $100!

The warm-weather flea market season is just getting underway in these parts. I hope that I'll have more finds to add soon!
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