My Play It Again gems

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My Play It Again gems

Postby karpow66 » October 23rd, 2006, 9:23 pm

Greetings all, I am new to the forum but thought I would share four of my favorite finds at Play It Again over the past year.

1. Rawlings Pro-12TC Date code AEA01 - Found this one last summer and paid $9.99 and sent it to Kenny Jenkins to get fixed up. It's my favorite glove right now! Hopefully I can post before and after pictures if i figure out how to do it here.

2. Nokona BM-76 - A lace was broken so they discounted a great price.

3. Wilson A2000 XLO (Japan) - Brand New (I use that one now)

4. Rawlings Pro-3 Wing Tip (left-handed) - I found this one on Saturday for $14.99 and it is brand new and never caught a ball. It has 5 dots and the markings are perfect. It still has the string from where the tag was. The leather is incredibly soft and supple.

Thanks for putting together such a great site! I look forward to reading all the different topics. By the way, will there be a new glove catalog coming out soon? I finding myself getting into the older signature model gloves now but I am still learning the ropes.

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Postby mudman » October 23rd, 2006, 9:57 pm

I guess I will check out my local store. I seldom go there but I guess you never know what is going to pop up!
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