Here's the bag

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Here's the bag

Postby softball66 » August 8th, 2006, 10:38 am

In a rather odd circumstance, I just purchased 20 gloves for $330 or half of my estimate given to the seller.
These gloves, ranging from Jim Piersall's to Leo Durocher were about what you'd expect from a random group of collected gloves. I'll get to one of the other gloves in this batch later on.
The story begins at a local antique mall where I spotted a nice late-model Wilson A2000 for $40. Perfect, unused. I bought it and sold it at a nice markup on eBay. Next week, ditto, another A2 and doubled my money. Go back later and here's (so the tag says) are two generic gloves both ARod signed gloves. $40 and $80. The $80 is bleeding badly. The other glove is obviously not an ARod signed but I can make out "Jr." So it's either Ken Griffey or Cal Ripken. Turns out to be Ripken and signature has a hologram GS27935. At this point I go to the desk to call the seller to see if he has cert or letter on the glove(s). Turns out his late brother had owned them and he was going through more of them and over 100 autographed baseballs. Most of the signatured balls and gloves didn't have certs because there was a fire. I offered to help.
There was a fire indeed as later he brings the balls and gloves for me to look over. One glove has some fire damage, they all are fairly imbued with smoke. I've been cleaning and de-smoking them for the last week.
The kicker: 2nd glove I turn up is a personal autographed Mickey Mantle on a Rawlings GJ99 Mantle import glove, about VG. But signature looks real and very nice on the pinkie next to the illustrated Mantle pocket. I immediately called the seller and told him he'd hit the jackpot. We agreed that I'd get the glove authenticated and sell it on eBay for a commission.
Three other personal signatures on the gloves: Stan Musial's, Billy Pierce and totally surprising me when I cleaned it, a Richie Ashburn.
Best of the rest: a buckle back Bob Feller, gold stamping, and nice except part of glove is burned. Personal model Kuenn Wilson A2015 and Phil Rizzuto Spalding 1121. Also a near mint kids 1920s glove that I've put togehter with a great Liberty Magazine cover of Bob Hope with a near identical glove. I'll have pic on that.
Anyway, it paid to ask questions and pursue the matter. Anyone have any questions, I'll get back to them.
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Postby dwknowles » August 8th, 2006, 1:31 pm

IF you don't mind.... what is your e-bay seller's ID, I would like to look at/maybe bid on a glove or 2
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