older Mizuno gloves - model numbers

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older Mizuno gloves - model numbers

Postby droc » June 5th, 2019, 4:10 pm

Hi all,
I lost my favorite old mizuno glove when my luggage disappeared. I've been trying to replace it looking on ebay, etc. I don't know the exact model I lost but I'm having trouble finding logic in Mizuno's model numbers. So far I've bought a MM5075 and MT580, which looked similar, but both were too big and the MM5075 was really a junk glove. I'd like something 11.75-12 range. Is there anything I can decipher about the M codes as I see MM, MT, MX, MZ, MC, MP, plus a ton of G codes, that will tell me if what is better quality and the size. Most aren't labelled with sizes. I believe my glove had the red "cup" as opposed to the "M" but have no idea of the model but know it was open webbed and really heavy quality leather, prob 12". I'd really like to find a quality old mizuno like that but not sure which models I should look at for high quality. Thanks in advance for any information on Mizuno gloves.
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