Need help in IDing Mantle Rawlings RX 10-2 glove (USA)

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Need help in IDing Mantle Rawlings RX 10-2 glove (USA)

Postby sunnyjim » July 4th, 2015, 10:04 pm

Hello fellow glovers--happy 4th of July--thanks especially to my fellow veterans,
and to all who cherish American heritage.

"I love a mystery", like the next guy; on this Fourth, I purchased two gloves, that are
BOTH a little "mysterious"; would welcome your VBG insight and perspective:

Glove #1 -- Mickey Mantle Rawlings RX 10-2 Made in USA stamped at heel of palm,
under Rawlings/model number stamp; (I have never heard of or seen a
"Mantle Rawlings RX 10-2 glove", in 20 years of fairly active collecting and reading;
nice glove; any help would be welcome!

Glove #2 -- Stan Musial "Stan the Man" Made in U.S.A. M-10 "Special Award Model"
(also stamped on pinky: "Designed by Stan Musial"); I have heard of Stan the Man
USA-made gloves; but this is the first one I have come across, as a collector;
from Joe Phillips wonderful ball glove pocket guide, he indicates that the USA made
Stan the Man gloves are "fewer" than the import models; again, would welcome
any further information.?
Thanks for your time, here--have a safe and blessed holiday! Mike
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Re: Need help in IDing Mantle Rawlings RX 10-2 glove (USA)

Postby vintagebrett » July 15th, 2015, 3:07 pm

The Mantle was probably made specifically for a sporting goods or department store. I've seen more than a few Mantle gloves from that era with model numbers that are not typical of what you'd see in the Rawlings catalog. As for the Stan the Man, I've seen plenty of imports but don't recall seeing a USA made one.
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