Question(s) About Rawlings RCM50 Catcher's Mitt

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Question(s) About Rawlings RCM50 Catcher's Mitt

Postby green rhino » March 5th, 2015, 8:29 pm

Rawlings RCM50 Ted Simmons/Lance Parrish

What is the official measure of this glove 31", 32", 33" ?

It looks to be the same size as the Rawlings RCM30 Bench/Simmons/Parrish which I found listed as 33."

The RCM50 is an open back while the RCM30 is a fastback with Lite Toe.

Really, I'm curious to the sizes of all these models:

RCM7 Parrish/Piazza (for softball?)
RCM8 Simmons (for softball?)
RCM30 Bench/Simmons/Parrish/Piazza (youth?)
RCM40 Parrish (youth?)
RCM45 Parrish (youth? pretty sure)
RCM50 Simmons/Parrish (youth? pretty sure)
RCM55 Piazza (youth?)

And which models are Adult Size & which models are Youth Size?

I believe the RCM7 replaced the RCM8, and the RCM40 replaced the RCM50?

Thank you! I know there are many Rawlings collectors on here that know their RBG's & probably can help me with this. Much Appreciated!
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