Who's your favorite shortstop??

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Who's your favorite shortstop??

Postby theglovester » April 29th, 2014, 8:28 am

Rainy day in Tennessee and thought I would ramble a little, bear with me.

Yeah, looking at my collection and found that it is getting to serious for me... need to add something cool, neat, fun, cheap, and overlooked by us collectors, or at least by myself...and my wife and son didn't know this!!! SAD....

I have a few hartland statues, mcfarlands that are cool,watch fobs, trophys etc.. but where is the coolest shortstop ever in my display??? It's gotta be SNOOPY!!!

If Jerry can have Alf flashing leather, then I need a cool Snoopy, heck he even has a splitfinger webless glove on!!

So I hope this gives you glovers something to look for if you grow worn down to a beaten shell of a collector looking for a PM Pepper martin for a certain handsome dashing Johnny Reb.

Gotta share this, as some on here can put a face to my grandfather when I mention him, and some have some of his whittling timber in their collection.

The first tractor ever on the farm is hopefully getting ready to rumble again, been working on it and thought about repainting it and making it pretty, but after wiping dust/grease off this and that, there was papaws writing as he figured something important back in 1974. I was brought up if a drop of rain ever hit the tractors it better be hitting you as you are getting it back to the barn and the dry. All original but the tires and oil filter, faded decals etc..

There was an old tractor show and the guys had theirs all shiney and new, and if I can get this one fired up and running like she last did, I may load her up, cultivators hanging off every corner,and enter the show next year, unpaited and proudly donning a hand painted wooden sign "ONE FARM, STILL FARMING AND EARNING MY KEEP!" And of course a 40's splitfinger hanging from a fender!! Can you believe that the original 1946 starter finally konked out?? can't make em that way now, if it don't break within 5 years you will go out of buisness.

Remember riding beside him when plowing tobacco patches, watching for arrow heads turned by the plow points and working the levers for the cultivators when I was 7 or 8, so did my boy when he was little. Wish me luck!!! Dang, gettin a little misty in the farm house, Miss the old fart.
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