How much does a Hen weigh?

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How much does a Hen weigh?

Postby theglovester » April 4th, 2014, 11:33 am

I asked a while back on weight limits that were put on gloves,and I knew there was one at one time, just couldn't remember and recall the info from the vast raging sea of knowledge I possess...

Got a copy of "The Catcher" and I am slowly reading the book. It was written by the Scrabble Champion of the world! The author, Mr. Morris has got the vocabulary I tell ya!! Talking about two cultures crashing! A Yankee, Scabble Champion, Author and a Southern Confederate Appalachian Farmer!! Once while reading his book, I thought he cussed and called me a dirty name...He did have one typo, His Brave Civil War General was US Grant???? I took my pen and wrote in Stonewall Jackson, otherwise really informative and well written book.

Things that I learned from reading were well worth it, From "The Red Badge of Courage" novel to the fact that I will never look at a Decker Patented catchers mitt the same again..

Mr. Morris knows his stuff and came through with an answer to my question, on page 215 he wrote that in 1894 the weight limit of fielders gloves (except catchers and 1st basemen) was 10 ounces. Now when this rule faded away like the size limit of gloves used today is anyone's guess. Using my reasoning skills, that explains why horse and deer hide were used exclusively on the early gloves, lighter and could make bigger gloves and still fall under the weight limit. I reckon when the army went mechanical after WWI the supply of horsehide waned and cow leather took it's place and the size limit (12-14in) stuck but the weight limit rule ammended??

Anyway, Imagine telling Ty Cobb in 1905-06 that "Sorry Mr Cobb, weighed your glove and it is to heavy!" I would rather pet a live wild squirrel!! Don't ask how I know not to do that, or catch a Possum without a stick and a burlap sack.

take care guys and gals,

P.S. A little nervous, Playing evil empire at next event, don't know if I can run as fast as they did back in the 1800's retreating!!!!
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