Time to say thanks!

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Time to say thanks!

Postby theglovester » February 24th, 2014, 9:09 am

Everyone needs an ATTA-BOY every now and then and there are some people on the ol forum that needs em. I am amazed at the history some of you guys dig up and link together on the history of glove development. Starting with the grand potentate Joe and his glove source book to those that posted stuff recently about the Peach gloves.

I guarantee if you need an answer somebody on here has one, and unlike my answers, they are correct!! Thanks for answering mine, as they will continue, to the chagrin of some.

That leads me to the state of this country...What if glove collectors were in charge???
Here is my list of Possible canidates to lead this country:

President-Founding Father- Joe Phillips
Vice Pres- Any suggestions??
Sec. of State- ?????? (can we reincarnate Casey Stengel??)
Sec. of Defense- Jon Popovich, you seen his arms!!
Sec. of Treasury- Jerry Ficchi
agriculture- The Glovester
Alcohol/tobacco/firearms- that be me also,but need help!

What would you be if Glovers ruled this country!!! JD?? Robbie?

All in fun, good luck gloving, and as always.... Pepper martin, pepper martin,pepper martin PM model!!!
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