Drokester has a question... as usual...

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Drokester has a question... as usual...

Postby theglovester » November 16th, 2013, 12:43 am

Hey guys, my Pretty Sharon fixed per-se, the old computer... She said she erased my "virtual memory" !!??!!??!! :shock:
That there is a scary and powerful woman. Anyway it is working as I write.

I caught up on reading and looked for something I think is right, or I may have been in the hayfield to long, but couldn't find it, some of you guys know way more than I in the early glove making history..

Didn't there used to be a rule that the glove could weigh no more than the baseball?? 5 ounces max weight for the glove and therefore needed to be made of horse/deer hide for weight savings?? catchers mitts obviously exempt... If so what year was this decree and when undecreeded (made that word up).

Take care and pics of latest glove pickups will be forthcoming, done real well this year, and content... for a while :wink:
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