Walbash Cannonball!!! + Diapers

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Walbash Cannonball!!! + Diapers

Postby theglovester » October 31st, 2013, 12:29 am

I am as happy as a bull in a field of heifers!! Happier than even Red Sox Fans!!! Yeah that much, and no Alcohol involved and all Legal!!

Yep, The Drokester has snagged him A Dizzy Dean glove!! Been looking for SOOOO LOOONNGG! It just went off in a four glove lot, and one of the other gloves looks like it may be better than the Dean!!

Now This was a total team effort of some dear friends here on the forum. A month ago I sent some gloves to Robbie L. in Georgia to sell on ebay for me. The deal was he sell mine figure up cleared $$ and I buy his gloves. A replacement early Doak was needed,Robbie had one, and was looking for a nice deckered patented something,(then Baby Born!) enter JD with an Alex Taylor, triple Decker, double faced, Bubbles Hargrave, (awesome, weighs 12 pounds but creme de la creme of the decker mitts)Robbie paid JD and Robbie and I swapped out a glove for a hook eye back mitt off ebay. That left enough for one more glove and as it always happens a Dizzy Dean came on ebay, and me without enough glove $$ left over, robbie gave me two options and I had to wait to see if I won the Dean to choose as JD bought it for me for my Thom Wilson 600 sewn web, and it will be replaced with a white sewn web from Robbie, along with buying little Gatlin a couple packs of Diapers and Robbie getting Drokesterized. Whew!!

Summing it all up, It's an Honor to know some of you guys, even the yankees. All in all, there are some nice people on here and I cherish our friendships. Ever in East Tn. better look me up!!

I will be calming down the collecting for a while,but looking for a diamond in the rough always.

Now if Dizzy picks up Pepper on the train ride to TN that would be something!!!

How long til spring training????
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Re: Walbash Cannonball!!! + Diapers

Postby softball66 » October 31st, 2013, 8:53 am

Hi Don BIG CONGRATS!!!! All your dealing made me DIZZY!
Guys on this forum always willing to help out a Rebel Cause!
:D :D :D
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Re: Walbash Cannonball!!! + Diapers

Postby Mr. Mitt » October 31st, 2013, 9:58 am

Nice pick-up, Don! Happy you got a Dizzy!

Where does the attention turn now? There has to be a next glove obsession.
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Re: Walbash Cannonball!!! + Diapers

Postby theglovester » October 31st, 2013, 12:49 pm

Thanks Joe and Jerry, Yeah gotta be hunting for something, but done playing big guy for awhile. This selling of gloves really exceeded my epectations of returns.

My niche in the hobby is to look for the fixer uppers and dirty ones and really did well this year on the flip for keepers and upgrades. Now time to start again, and something to do in the warm on cold winter days.

A Pepper Martin tops the list, a Nice 20's 3-finger, Just one!! I have no Nokona gloves in the collection??? Erskine and a split finger needed, Reiser JCL, 2 common 50's mitts, spiderwebs just a couple more, something early that blows my skirt up S&D, A&F, W&D :shock: ! JD has a duplicate (yeah just one :roll: ) that I like, and maybe a G84 D&M Cliff Heathcote, my first vintage glove ever, long traded for something forgotten, but remember that ol G84.

Anyway, I have all winter to mull it over and decide come spring?? So, I'm reverting to my true identity as a "poor southern glove collector" :wink:
I want to make a baseball bench out of bats, you all have seen em, but I have skills and mine will be nice, real nice, only need 20 more bats :roll:

Thanks again guys, yours in gloves

P.S. my other computer is in the shop, they said it needed an enema :lol: , sounds about right, so hopefully pics will be up before Thanksgiving of the fall glove harvest. Squirrel stew for supper tonite!!
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