Charles H. Dudley Athletic Goods

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Charles H. Dudley Athletic Goods

Postby mikesglove » November 27th, 2012, 2:49 am

In 1902, Charles H Dudley was a first year student at the Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover NH. He also found a part time job at a local department store as a salesman in the athletic goods department. He eventually became head of the department. In 1905, he dropped out of school to devote full time to his business interest. He established his own company in Hanover, Charles H. Dudley Fine Athletic Goods and Men's Furnishings. He printed his first mail order catalog in 1906 and supplied many outdoor clubs and schools including Dartmouth and Harvard.

The cool looking logo on the bottom of the advertisement below was trademarked in 1910.

The eagle logo below was adapted later in the 1920's.

The mitt below features the earlier logo on its cloth patch

The sewn web glove below features the later winged logo on its cloth patch.

Another base mitt featuring the later winged logo

Through the 1920's, Charles Dudley tapered off some aspects of his athletic goods business and devoted more energy into men's clothing and furnishings. He opened department stores in New York and Boston and became known for his shaker sweaters and athletic clothing. He also patented a walking stick in 1932.
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Re: Charles H. Dudley Athletic Goods

Postby vintagebrett » July 15th, 2015, 3:23 pm

Here's a label from a Chas. Dudley bat - first one I've come across. Would guess it's from the 1910's-20's.

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