Wilson A2000

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Wilson A2000

Postby ccmmcc » May 23rd, 2006, 9:49 pm

Can anyone explain to me the differences in the various A2000's? I notice there are A2000 L's, XL's, XLC's, XLO's, etc., etc. Thanks much for your time.
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Postby BretMan » May 23rd, 2006, 11:54 pm

They seemed to change those designations about every year!

Some that I seem to have deciphered, just from looking a lots and lots of auctions on eBay:

L & XL seem to translate as "Large" and "Extra Large". XLC & XLO seem to be "Extra Large Closed (back)" and "Extra Large Open (back)".

Just exactly what "Large" and "Extra Large" translate into as far as pattern size (12"? 13"?) I'm not really sure.

Then there are other designations that don't seem so cut and dried. I'm using as a "gamer" a model designated as "XXC". It's a 13" glove with a closed web. "Extra-Extra Large", maybe?

I'm curious about these model numbers, too. Hopefully, someone else will have a little bit more information about them.
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Postby dwags4him » June 30th, 2006, 5:57 pm

Speaking of A2000 symbols, I just restored a "made in the USA" A2000 XL. That in itself is no big deal, since I have done about 7 of these in the last month alone.

What makes this glove unusual is that the stamping of the patent info, "nylon stiched", "straplock," and other logos are inconsistent in their definition, some being almost illegible, and others being very dark. On top of that, the letters "DN" are stamped right next to "Nylon Stitched," and a large cock-eyed "J" is stamped on the pinkie finger near the felt securing straps.

The owner said that his mother worked for the Wilson company and bought the glove for $5. I am pretty sure that what he has is a defective or "irregular" glove. The leather inside is not tanned correctly, and is remarkably plastic-like in feel. What should be a sweet glove has a large tear in the pocket due to the poor piece of leather used for the palm.

Is there anybody out there that can give me a definite opinion on the extra letters?
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