1914 Reach/Spalding ambidextrous glove

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1914 Reach/Spalding ambidextrous glove

Postby mikesglove » November 26th, 2010, 12:26 am

Samuel Cline patented an ambidextrous glove in 1911 for A.J. Reach Co.
1911 ambi.jpg
1914 Reach catalog below, model SC(Samuel Cline)
1914 Spalding catalog below, model XLA

Spalding XLA "Either Hand" model. This example has added straps between the fingers not shown on the patent drawing and a 1" web instead of the full web. I really like the look of this glove. From the wear, it may have been used mostly by a lefty.
Spalding Ambidextrous Glove Front Ralpha.jpg
Spalding Ambidextrous Glove Back Ralpha.jpg
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