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New Member...Hello!

Postby BretMan » May 17th, 2006, 9:56 pm

Hello All,

My name is Bret- but I'm not "vintageBrett"!- and I am happy to have found this board! I discovered it while checking out the Glove Works website, which I do from time-to-time just to look at all the cool gloves, and noticing a link to this forum.

Good to see a lot of familiar names here, some of whom I've corresponded with over the years, many from my time on eBay.

I first seriously got into glove collecting about five years ago. But long before that, I had always had an interest in baseball and gloves in general. As a kid, my father was an antique dealer so we frequented plenty of auctions and flea markets and I would pick-up an odd glove or two along the way.

Then, a few years ago, I talked my wife into substituting on my co-ed softball team. Her role would mainly be that of "warm body" to stick out in right field if we were a player short. Of course, she didn't have a glove and her being a lefty none of mine would do. As I tell her, I'm right handed and she is "wrong handed"!

Off to eBay I went in search of a glove for her. Along the way I noticed some of the cool old vintage gloves to be found there. The thought occurred to me that two or three of those old gloves would make a nice display on my family room wall.

Well, five years later those "two or three" display gloves have turned into a 300 glove collection that overflows an entire spare bedroom! The glove collecting bug had bitten me big time!

I still go through the eBay listings almost every day, in search of any glove that catches my eye. My wife and I visit as many antique shows and flea markets as we can looking for old gloves. I've found a couple good ones along the way and will post a brief listing on the "Today I Found" board.

I have become quite adept at cleaning, conditioning and relacing gloves. I've relaced a couple dozen via mail order, from people that I have contacted on various baseball and softball discussion boards that I frequent. I've also relaced/cleaned a lot of gloves for teammates and players in local leagues in the Columbus, Ohio area.

The spring and summer months leave me with little time to devote to my glove collecting hobby. I am a state certified high school baseball umpire and also a certified ASA softball umpire. Last year I worked a total of 95 games and will have a similar schedule this year.

Over the years I have played slow pitch softball, MSBL adult league baseball and this year am playing on a men's fastpitch softball team.

This forum will defintely be added to my "favorites" folder and I'm looking forward to keeping track of the vintage baseball glove discussions!

Bret Stumpf
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Postby vintagebrett » May 18th, 2006, 1:09 pm

Welcome Bretman! You never can too many Brets or Bretts in one place. 8)

Thanks for sharing your background and for joining in the discussion!
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